Plan and Record with the Bus Binder
Your must-have conversion companion! 
All of your vital bus information in one location! From bus inspection to
painting designs. Cheat sheets, charts, checklists and more.
Stay Organized During the Conversion Chaos
Recording the details of your bus conversion shouldn't be an afterthought. Make it easy with these fill-in-your-info worksheets!
The Best Bus for a Conversion
Learn about the different classes of school buses, their size, capacity and more. Then choose which one suites you best!
Bus Inspection Checklist
There's more to purchasing a bus than kicking tires. This detailed inspection checklist also has a form to record info on each bus you look at.
Pros & Cons Worksheet
With so many options available during a conversion, it helps to put your thoughts on paper.
Floor Plan Graph Worksheets
Design your floor plan with your specific bus dimensions. Or, try several bus size layouts to see just how tiny you want to live.
Paint Mockup & Shopping List
School bus yellow has got to go! Keep track of paint swatches, prep and paint supplies, and bus paint design mock-ups.
Layout Planning Questions
Consider the possibilities and dream big before you build. Plan your layout because every inch counts and mistakes are costly.
Get Your Conversion Chaos Under Control
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